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The Great Lakes Center for Occupational Health and Safety outreach program develops resources, provides technical assistance, coordinates educational programs, and collaborates on research to protect and advance worker health and safety.

The outreach program works with:

  • Labor Unions
  • Worker Centers
  • Workforce Development Providers
  • State and Local Government Agencies
  • Schools
  • Community-based Organizations
  • Worker Rights Advocates
  • Labor Education Programs
  • Environmental Justice Organizations
  • Occupational Health and Safety Professionals
  • Small Businesses

The Great Lakes Center for Occupational Health and Safety aims to support a comprehensive approach to improving, promoting, and maintaining the health of workers and communities. We assist the organizations and professionals committed to decent work in their development of strategies to advance specific goals through technical assistance, which may include research, development of educational resources, or educational workshops.

Every person has the right to healthy work – a job that pays a living wage, a workplace that is safe, a work environment where everyone is treated with respect, and qualified occupational and environmental health professionals who advocate for their health and well-being.

Current Priority Areas Heading link

  • Teen & Young Adult Workers

    We conduct workshops and trainings for youth (high school through ~ age 25) that address workers’ rights on the job, safety hazards present in jobs often held by young workers, and controls to prevent injury from those hazards.

  • Environmental Justice

    We work with environmental justice organizations to identify occupational health and worker concerns in their neighborhoods and work to link their environmental demands to economic development demands.

  • Decent Work for All Campaign

    Our campaign to support the American Public Health Association’s call to Support Decent Work for All as a Public Health Goal

  • Leadership Development

    We work with union stewards and other worksite leaders to help develop recognition of worksite hazards and controls, and to build a plan to engage in strategic enforcement of their rights to a safe workplace.

  • AI & Technology at Work

    We collaborate with workers to identify the ways in which artificial intelligence and technology can be used to promote worker health and safety. We explore how technology may be used to undermine worker well-being and strategies to prevent worker harm.

  • Labor Standards Enforcement

    We work with worker organizations and enforcement agencies to develop strategies to navigate the complex obstacles to enforcement of worker rights.

Contacts Heading link

Preethi Pratap, PhD
Continuing Education and Outreach Program Director
Research Assistant Professor
Great Lakes Center for Occupational Health and Safety
University of Illinois at Chicago
School of Public Health
1603 W Taylor St., Room 1049
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 413-1739

Ron Neimark, MPP
Outreach Coordinator
Graduate Research Assistant
Great Lakes Center for Occupational Health and Safety
University of Illinois at Chicago
School of Public Health
1603 W. Taylor St., Room 1015
Chicago, IL  60612
(312) 996-8553

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